This site is for my personal projects, in computing and social change. These projects cover local improvement, digital literacy, open source software, urban ecology, citizen's telemetry, computer recycling and re-purposing, biodiversity, financial reform and deep democracy (local councils in London).

I'm no longer supporting or volunteering for large, unresponsive, public-choice driven, grant funded organisations with well-paid 'CEOs' and publicity machines or false-flag social enterprises. No more GAS, Grant-Assisted Self-Congratulation. I'm just concentrating on the small and within reach.

There's hardly any time to eat at Wings Buffet, Tayyabs, Lahore Kebab, New World or even the Anchor Cafe. but I manage somehow.

If you want more information, use the contact form. The currently active projects are listed in the menu.

Southend Search Engine Talk

Here's the slides for the talk on making search engines. I gave this talk in Southend at the Raspberry Pi Jam on the 21 February 2015 see: http://musicinsouthend.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/southend-raspberry-jam.htm....

I didn't put this into the slides, apparently, but the reference book for this is http://www.hive.co.uk/book/modern-information-retrieval-the-concepts-and... it's expensive and probably in university libraries.

I'll probably prepare a more refined version, since this is the first presentation and the talk was prepared during a very busy period. At that stage, I may include pagerank: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank as an example of how to put a value on search results.

My email is in the slides, somewhere at the front. Also, the slides can be re-used on the basis of attribution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license#Attribution Feel free to feedback also, it'll improve the slides if I give the talk again!

Slightly orphaned Phd proposal

Here's my proposal which deals with 'experimental aesthetics' and psychogeography. I'm probably going to start the experiments anyway real-soon-now [haha, given the list of other projects], but if anyone or institution wishes to join in or [even better] accept the proposal, please contact me.

I've put this online, because it's a bit like this: http://pulse.media.mit.edu/experiments/ but more adventurous, my opinion, of course!

Grow Easy, plants and seedlings

Well, my web site doesn't really have adverts, usually. However my friend Allison has just started to sell plants and seedlings in the East End. The site is: http://www.groweasy.co.uk/ here. I'll leave this for a while.

Version 0.9.0 Cclite now available

New version of Cclite 0.9.0. ready as of 1st May 2012, a good day for it..It's all on sourceforge. and the development Ubuntu style tree is on github

Opendork AMR reading from Estate Boilers

This is a little bit of a project to provide real time feedback on energy [mis]use on council estates that have communal boilers.

Well, yes

Well, yes

It's a tautology, sort of...

Waitrose: Securing All Fruit

I should be blogging to 'explain' the rioting, but I'm letting the Guardian and the Daily Mail etc. etc. do that. That is, it's very difficult to separate explanations from celebrations of particular prejudices, isn't it?

Anyway, braving the yahs and yuppies went to Waitrose at the Wharf this morning to buy grapefruit. I like the red ones, I know, I know but they are part of my five-a-day and, at least, they aren't Boris or Barclay blue.

At the grapefruits, I chance upon some Chinese tourists who are taking pictures of the fruit and conversing. I try some very rusty mandarin, they laugh delightedly and they don't slap me [easily possible because tone-error changes question-mark into 'horse', for example].

Polystyrene Pickup Challenge

Polystyrene Pickup Challenge

From time to time, I volunteer with Thames21 to clean up stuff on the canals and rivers in the East End. Expanded polystyrene is everywhere, see picture, in various sizes and forms. The boot is to give an idea of scale.

It chokes plant life and wildlife [if they eat it], doesn't biodegrade quickly and is an ugly carpet in natural places. Rant, information over.

It's also extremely difficult to pick up with litter pickers and there are good reasons not to use hands, even in work gloves. So [now we come to it] I'm inviting suggestions for ingenious picking up solutions. In my opinion, these include stabbing, vacuuming/sucking, blowing, selective brushing and static electricity [that could be fun]. No lasers that set the atmosphere on fire and no genetically modified polystyrene eating animals or large robots called Gort, sorry.

Hugh's Mud

I've been spending some down-time from cclite and all the other more serious things, developing a Perl based simple MUD framework. I looked for one, honest, and couldn't find anything that suited. The project page is here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/hughsmud/. Sourceforge seems to have improved a lot recently.

There's a somewhat serious purpose in that I want to make a simple, hackable ecology game where you can plant things, build things etc. but I don't want farmville [tm, no doubt]. Also it's a bit of a playground for JQuery, Ajax with JQuery, SVG with Raphael.js, Parse::RecDescent and other things that it might be fun to combine.

Also, it's making me think about rules and Wittgenstein, what can be thought and can be shown. For example, I can take a screwdriver but it seems a little unreasonable to take another player and put him or her in my bag. Others may feel, why not?

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