Cclite Alternative Currency Software

New version of Cclite 0.9.0. ready as of 1st May 2012, a good day for it..It's all on sourceforge. and the development Ubuntu style tree is on github

The files on sourceforge include a simple Windows installer and a pdf version of the manual.

If you want help with cclite join the google group

Cclite is a Perl package for local exchange trading systems (LETS), banking and other alternative money systems. Multi-registry, multi-currency, web services based (SOAP) and REST transactions and templated to give multi-lingual capabilities:

  • 0.9.0 version works with core Perl modules only
  • Can do networked multi-registries
  • Registries can be multi-currency, decimal currencies, this release
  • Can use a set of web services based (SOAP) transactions
  • REST features available using .htaccess
  • REST features inching towards opentransact
  • Capable of interworking with non Cclite software (via web services and REST)
  • Roughly follows Richard Kay's specification
  • Registry is MySQL (schema based on Mose's work with tiki-wiki)
  • Multilingual ready via HTML templating Simple::Template
  • Rough machine-translated templates for about 14 languages
  • Support for payment via SMS, Encrypted email and Jabber
  • Simple services directory
  • Experimental rss feeds for trade items, offered, wanted, matched search
  • Works on Ubuntu, most Cpanel, Windows, Fedora (at least)
  • Apt-get debian style package install for Ubuntu
  • Web based configuration and checker